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Sunday, 12 October 2014

MeMeMe vs Benefit

I love Mememe & Benefit products. Their liquid highlighters are often compared because the packaging is so similar (i.e. the nail polish style bottle & brush). So I just wanted to put two of their most similar ones up against one another and show you guys the results. Have a look!...

So, this is Benefit's liquid highlighter in 'High Beam' (retails for €27.50)

And this is MeMeMe's Beat the Blues in 'Pearl Pink' (retails for €6.99):

Both are beautiful pink toned silver highlighters, that give a lovely sheen to the skin. Best suited for light pink-toned skins. (Note: The silver can look ashy on darker skintones.) 

Here they are swatched onto my skin, with one little swipe. They look fairly identical:

Next I blended them out, and here is where you can see the difference. High Beam does hold more pigment so it shows up brighter. I could also feel the difference in blending them out. Pearl Pink is thinner in consistency than High Beam:

If you are deciding between the two it depends on what you're preferences are...

If you want a highlight that is nicely pigmented, go for Benefit's 'High Beam'.
(But if you're on a budget, just get Pearl Pink and layer it!)
If you want a highlight that is subtle and not too shiny, go for MeMeMe's 'Pearl Pink'.

However, can we address the price difference? Is a little more shine worth €20.50? That's up to you.
But, if you're not really bothered about pigmentation, and you just want a highlight like this or in this shade, I would say save your money and go with MeMeMe. It's good quality for a great price!

I hope this was somewhat interesting or helpful!
Thank you so much for reading, I really appreciate it!
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  1. I love Benefit's High Beam but that is a massive difference in price! Where are MeMeMe products stocked?

    1. It's definitely a great alternative! All Irish stockists here:


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