Primark/Penneys P.S..Pro Makeup Brushes Review

 Penneys have a range of makeup brushes, from individuals to sets. I picked up a few that looked like the kind of styles I like. Here's what I thought...

No. 100 Foundation Brush  €4

I like the size and shape of this brush. The bristles are soft to the touch. However I find it a bit too dense for my liking. There are too many hairs and so it soaks up more product. Due to that I needed to use more foundation that normal and blending time was a little longer than normal. It does work in the end but not one of my favourites.

No. 120 Concealer Brush  €3

For under eye concealer, or concealer blending I found this brush way too stiff. It is cut into a blunt shape but there is also no give in the bristles and so it makes getting a smooth finish difficult. I wouldn't use it for blending again. It could be useful, however, for stippling on concealer over a blemish.

No. 232 Eyeshadow Shading Brush  €2

This is an ok shading brush. Due to the hairs being quite synthetic feeling and having that shiny texture, I find it doesn't pick up powders too well - particularly harder pressed shadows. However it doesn't hold onto or "soak up" product because of that as well and so it does apply fine. Another one that works but not my favourite to use.

No. 236 & 250 Duo Precision Brush Set  €4

I picked this set up for the No. 236 brush. It looked like a nice shape and size for outer corner work, and it is. The hairs aren't too synthetic feeling and so pick up powder well. It has a nice taper that helps with blending, but the size allows for precision.

No. 250 didn't look like it would be my kind of brush and I was right. The only thing I would use this shape for on the eye would be along the lower lash line. However the synthetic hairs are better for a cream or liquid product, and it is very stiff so doesn't allow for smudging. I would only reach for this for precision spot concealing on the face.

No. 220 & 230 Duo Blending Brush Set  €4

These were the first brushes that caught my eye, because I often look at affordable brush sets/brands in stores and see that they are missing decent blending brushes, which are essential. I find it difficult to recommend blending brushes to my clients who don't have any, as they generally want to start out with something affordable and easy to get. This is getting better as makeup brands and the industry itself are improving- but 2 blending brushes for €4 is great.

I find the 220 a touch stiff and a touch smaller than I would prefer, but totally workable. I love a rounded blending brush so I have reached for this a number of times.

I find the 230 great as a crease brush. You might have seen that I didn't like the crease brush that came with the Lunar Beauty: Life's A Drag Palette. This is cut in a similar shape but it's not as stiff which allows for blending and to fluff out a little with use.

Final thoughts

So I have my personal hits and misses from these brushes I tested.
I would specifically recommend No. 220, No. 230, and No. 236.
I would specifically not recommend the No. 120 Concealer Brush or No. 250.
However, with these fab low prices I would recommend the PS range to any beginner or anyone looking to try some new brushes. Even if they aren't the best, at €2-4 a brush I'm not complaining if some of them become back up brushes. 

Thanks so much for stopping by!
I appreciate it 😊
See you on Tuesday for a Crayola Beauty review,


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