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Sunday, 20 September 2015

Nude eyeshadow palettes are something that I get a lot of use out of - whether it be on myself or in my professional kit. I think most people are the same, because nudes are just so versatile. So here are my top 3 nude palettes...

Thursday, 17 September 2015

I created this quick and easy spotlight eye look using pink and a touch of sparkle. In this post is a video tutorial and a list of products. I hope you like it!

So I created and filmed this look in bit of a hurry while getting ready one morning. Once I got into work I covered the lash band with liner and cleaned up any smudginess. So please excuse this look for being less than perfect, but I did enjoy how the look itself turned out. I'll definitely be using this look again when I want something fun but easy, and look forward to trying different colours & pigments for it!

It's super simple - the main things you need are: your dark smokey shade, your pop of colour for the centre, a bit of glitter/sparkle to place over that, and liner! I also chose to use a transition colour in the beginning to aid the blending of my darker colour, and lashes at the end to add a little more interest.

The exact products I used were all from Inglot:
Eyeshadow 314 (peach) - transition colour on a round fluffy blending brush
Eyeshadow 329 (dark brown) - smokey colour on a pinched ferrule blending brush, and an angled brush
Eyeshadow 382 (hot pink) - pop of colour on a large flat brush
AMC Pigment 86 - sparkle on a precise flat brush
Gel Liner 77 - black liner on a synthetic angled brush
Lashes 14S

Here is the tutorial, I hope you enjoy!
(Watch below or Watch on YouTube)


Saturday, 12 September 2015

I created this sexy winged out eye look, and filmed a tutorial on it! In this post I have included the step-by-step video tutorial, a full list of the products I used, and pictures of the look...

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