Nyx VS Makeup Revolution: Highlight & Contour palettes

I love using my Nyx contour & highlight palette! It is my go-to, and I think it's fantastic that it is so affordable. So, when I was browsing the Makeup Revolution site I came across what seemed to be a dupe for the palette. It was even cheaper so I decided to pick it up to test and compare it - and today I'm doing exactly that! Take a look below to see comparison swatches, the first impressions video of me applying them to the face, and my conclusion at the end!

The Palettes

Nyx above, Makeup Revolution below

 Makeup Revolution on the left, Nyx on the right


Side by side swatches - Nyx on the left, Makeup Revolution on the right

First Impressions Application

Products I'm wearing in the video:

Estee Lauder: Double Wear Maximum Cover foundation in Creamy Vanilla
Nyx: Dark Circle Concealer Corrector in Medium
Collection: Lasting Perfection Concealer in 02
Ben Nye: Bella 002 pressed powder
Nyx: Tame & Frame brow pomade in Espresso
Nyx: Lip Suede lip cream in Oh, Put It On
Amor Us: 118 Lashes
Nyx: Highlight & Contour Pro palette on the eyes
Makeup revolution: Iconic Lights & Contour Pro palette on the eyes

New Lighting

I'm using new lighting in this video! It was my first time using it so I'll be tweaking it here and there but I'm so happy with it so far!
I have my camera and mic set up in the middle of a ring light, with two led panels on the sides.


Nyx: Highlight & Contour Pro Palette

Shimmer highlights less bitty and more glowy
Matte highlights more smooth, and glide over other products
Removable pans to refill or change shades (€4.50 each)
Seemingly more long lasting

More expensive of the two at €25.25 (but still very affordable!)
Larger in size for travelling/storage

My preferred palette, of the two. For those interested in the quality difference, I would recommend this one.

Makeup revolution: Iconic Lights & Contour Pro palette 

Cheaper of the two at €11.21 (exc. shipping)
Smaller in size for travelling/storage
Contour shades have nice quality and blend-ability

Shimmer highlights more bitty.
Matte highlights less smooth, and affect products underneath.
Pans are non-changeable
Seemingly not as long lasting

It is not a dupe but it would be a nice alternative for someone who is:
  • On a budget
  • Starting to experiment with contour & highlighting
  • More interested in the contouring shades
  • Or looking for contour & highlight palette for travelling/"on-the-go".


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