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Sunday, 17 September 2017

Stila Convertible Color "Magnolia" - Review

I've had this in my little "to try" pile for ages as I normally don't enjoy cream cheek products on my oily skin. However I finally pulled it out the other day to see what it's about, and I was pleasantly surprised.

The Product

So this is a Convertible Colour from Stila. It is for both cheeks and lips.

I have it in the shade Magnolia which is described as a "warm browny red" on the website. I feel like this makes it sound like a red with a tint of brown. Personally I would describe it as a "warm reddy brown" instead, as I think it is more of a brown with a red base.

On the Face

Here is my skin with just foundation, before applying it as a blush:

Here is my face after applying it as a blush:

And after applying it to the lips:

My Thoughts

As I said, I tend to avoid cream products for my cheeks as they are usually more emollient, and I don't like anything greasy feeling on my oily and acne prone skin. However, I was pleasantly surprised with how non-greasy this formula is. It blends beautifully but has a nice matte finish - so no glossiness.

This shade on the lips for me is definitely a "my lips but better" colour. It's not too pigmented so it's a real quick and easy kind of shade, but that does mean you need to layer it to get pay-off. It is creamy to the touch, so I could smooth it on with my finger easily. The matte-ish finish is nice but I did find it a bit drying on my lips after a while. This could also be because I had to layer it on or it could be because my lips are on the dehydrated side these days.

Overall I would say this is a lovely cream blush for those with oily skin like me, or who dislike cream blushes for the same reason. As a lip colour it would be handy for the handbag as it is very natural and quick to apply. Although I would say being able to use this on the lips is more of a bonus feature to using it as a cream blush - i.e. I wouldn't pay to have it as a lip colour, but I would to have it as a blush.

This retails for $25 on Stila's website and also comes in 10 other shades

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