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Sunday, 29 July 2018

Irish Makeup Awards 2018

So a couple of weeks ago, I attended the Irish Makeup Awards...and I only went and won! The event went a little something like this...

I was so so thrilled when I found out I was nominated. I was in a category of nine talented nominees for "South Bridal Makeup Specialist" - so just that alone was amazing!

We were required to "present our case" to the judges, which meant sharing any relevant info about our business - reviews, charity work, press coverage etc.

I was delighted to be featured in the Evening Echo in the run up to the awards:

The event was held on 15th July at the Crowne Plaza hotel in Dublin. I was so excited to go and celebrate just being nominated and have a night out with fellow industry guys and gals!

Myself and my fiancé, Christopher, travelled up that afternoon. We checked into our room, grabbed some lunch, had a drink and watched the hurling that was on that day. We then headed back to our room so that I could start getting ready, while he watched the World Cup final. 

I wanted to take my time with my makeup as of course it was makeup event full of makeup artists! Here is the look I created:

If you're interested in the product list you can check that out HERE.

My dress and shoes were from Missguided.

We headed down to the event and checked in at the front where we found out what table we were at. 

As we walked in there was a photographer there to take our picture:

We grabbed a drink at the front bar and made our way to our table. Sitting on my left there was a lovely friendly couple from Dundalk - Laura, the owner of @beautyboutiquebylc, and her fiancé.

The event kicked off and the first half of the awards were given out. We then had a lovely 3 course meal. 

The second half of the awards was up next, which my category was in. They read out each category and all of the nominees followed by a dramatic "And the winner is..." I wasn't expecting to win anything so it was a real shock when my name was announced! I had to go up on stage to receive my certificate, and Christopher was able to film some of that for me:

I was so shocked that when each region was announced and we were supposed to all head out to the entrance to have our photos taken by the photographer, I blanked and just headed straight back to my table. Christopher then reminded me and I ran out to get my photo!

Once I sat back down I took a picture of the certificate and sent it to my friends and family. Receiving so many supportive and thrilled texts and phone calls made it all ten times better!

Christopher didn't tell me until afterwards, but he was so nervous for me because he really wanted me to win! He also said that he had a chat with a fellow Cork artist that I knew while at the bar, who was saying she was so thrilled for me to be in such a good category (Bridal Makeup) - which he said made him even more nervous! We have been to a few awards nights for GAA nominations he has had over the years too, so he was so happy to be going to something like this for me. When we got there he was super impressed at the scale of it, as it was a national event.

Once the awards were done, unfortunately there was no band or DJ. We ended up joining a couple that we knew, and their friends at another table for a drink. When I was first starting out, I actually assisted Andrea on my first music video. We chatted about that first time we met and she said she went back to her husband that night and said "Oh my god, that poor girl will never want to do makeup again" because it was such a long shoot in a freezing cold forest. Little did we know we would be at an awards show together, nearly 7 years later!

What a night! I've spent years working on my business and pursuing my dream even when some didn't understand it. I'm still on my journey but this was such a wonderful milestone and a great reminder of how far I've come, especially when things get tough.

I've since hung up my cert in my studio and am so proud to be proud of myself!

Thanks so much for stopping by!
See you soon!

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