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Saturday, 2 November 2013

Top 10 YouTube MUAs

So I want to start sharing with you my favourite YouTubers! Today I will be going through some of my favourite MUAs on YouTube.
Now I mainly watch beauty channels so I had a lot to choose from, but for this post at least I wanted to share those who I love to go to for both tutorials and products (reviews/recommendations/favourites).
These ladies inspire me with their looks and techniques, and I always love to hear and respect their opinions on products too.
All of the below are also working MakeUp Artists, so their expertise comes through in their videos. It also means that as a freelance MUA myself, I can often get good tips on products for my kit etc.
In separate posts I will share more YouTubers who I mainly go to for their tutorials, others who I love for products, and others for general beauty etc etc. But for today, here are my top 10 MUAs on YouTube...

Pixiwoo - (UK)
The sisters we all know and love, Nic & Sam. These women have such amazing skills and product knowledge. They are real professionals and have their own makeup training classes. They work with celebs and in fashion, and even have their own free online makeup mag: TWO magazine - it's amazing! If you're a makeup artist or enthusiast and you haven't seen their videos before, please please, I beg you, check them out! 

xSparkage - (US)
I mentioned Leesha in My First Blog Post when I described what and who inspired me to do what I am doing. So I do have an attachment to her channel and I absolutely love her. She has a really lovely, sweet personality. She is a product junkie so she really knows her stuff and does great reviews of the latest products. If you like using colour and experimenting with colour-combos I would definitely recommend her channel because she does some really funky looks!

Lisa Eldridge - (UK)
As a celeb makeup artist she is so professional, but at the same time so real and likeable. She gives great information in her videos and recommends some fabulous products. She also recreates some of the looks she has done on celebs that may have been featured in magazines etc. A fantastic teacher and artist.

Sharon Farrell - (IE/AUS) 
I may have a slight soft spot for Sharon because she's an Irish MUA! But she lives in Australia, so for any Australians she may be a good one to watch for product recommendations in your area. She has more of a bubbly personality that comes through I think, especially in her non-tutorial videos. But when I say bubbly, it's an Irish-bubbly, meaning she has a happy, cheerful way about her that's not over-the-top. Anyway, I love watching her tutorials for her techniques and the products she uses, and I always value her opinion.

LetzMakeup - (IE) 
Another Irish MUA! Siobhán lives in Galway here in Ireland so great for me and other Irish viewers for product recommendations that we can get here. Again, I love her techniques and products. She also does some really cool SFX (special effects) stuff around Halloween, and does the odd abstract/high-fashion type tutorials that I love to see.

Sarah Victor - (US) 
I love watching Sarah, again like the others, for her technique and product usage. But what is more unique to Sarah is that she informs really well throughout her tutorials but is also quite funny! Her sense of humour always shines through in her videos and she has a great giggle! Another must if you appreciate watching real makeup artists.

VintageOrTacky - (US) 
Cora, like xSparkage, is another one who is not afraid of colour and works some dramatic looks. She does some unique colour combos and shapes. She is also always really honest in her product reviews and recommendations. And she has a cheerful, relatable personality that I like.

GoldieStarling - (US)
Angie has amazing talent as a SFX artist, as well as glamour. So I love to watch her tutorials for real technical and detailed work. As she says on her channel, she puts the Art into makeup tutorials. Again, like all the others, she would be an artist I would trust with product recommendations. Angie's voice is more mellow, so her videos are quite relaxing to watch.

NikkieTutorials - (Holland) 
Nikkie does some really cool, bold tutorials. And I know I'm repeating myself, but I have to say it - I also love her reviews and favourites. But I think what is most unique about Nikkie is her personality. She has a dramatic way about her, which I find entertaining. She is young yet has so much confidence and she's not afraid to be herself.

YazMakeupArtist - (UK)
I have been watching Selina for about a year now and I really enjoy her videos. She has good product knowledge and a good variety of tutorials - from wearable to dramatic. Again, I really respect and rate her as an artist. She has less of an 'out-there' type personality in her videos, but still very pleasant and sweet, so she's very easy to watch.

I really hope you have found this useful if you are looking for new makeup gurus to watch on YouTube, or if you are new to the Beauty community on YouTube and want some channel recommendations!
I love these girls, and now as a YouTuber I know how much it means to promote others and share the love!

Have a look and let me know what you think!

Also if you have any recommendations for me Please leave them in a comment! I'm always looking for good beauty channels to subscribe to!

Enjoy :-)

PS These are just my opinions, and just some of the YouTubers I love. Please do not be offended if you disagree with any of my comments or my list.

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